What should you know about someone after 6 months of dating?

by Rodeena Stephens

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What should you know about someone after 6 months of dating?

During the first six months of dating, sparks are high and people are on their best behaviour, says Shuford Davis, a therapist based in Tallahassee, Fla., who writes about relationships. Therefore, it's difficult to really know someone after just six months of dating.

It's Enough Time to Know Whether You're Compatible

After six months of dating, you should at least know if you and your date have similar interests, whether this person meets your needs and whether the relationship has the potential for exclusivity, according to Jennifer Oikle, a psychologist who gives dating advice at mysoulmatesolution.com.

Bottom Line

Whether you’ve dated for six months or two years, just be true to yourself. Clinical psychologist Phil McGraw says you should not expect someone to meet your mental checklist, but you should know if your mate is compatible with your wants and desires.

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