Signs That a Guy Wants to Get Serious

by Karenna Cochrane

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Signs That a Guy Wants to Get Serious

There are many signs a man is getting serious about his relationship. Look for a combination of signs, versus a single sign, as the ultimate information that the relationship is progressing toward a serious relationship. Remember that men are looking for signs from you, too, so be sure to reward their I'm-serious-about-you signs with your own best behavior and romantic inspiration.

Love Shack

If you're spending most nights of the week at his apartment or he is enjoying the bulk of his nights at your place, consider this a sign your guy wants to get serious. The next step might be finding a home suitable for both of you. Before this happens though, rest assured that spending quality time together is one of the signs a guy is serious about his girl. Think of it like this: If he is choosing time with you over time spent with buddies, watching sports or at work, then you are a priority in his life.


A man is serious about a woman when he is giving her gifts like love notes, romantic poetry, jewelry and flowers. Of course, men also give practical gifts: If your man is giving you a new DVD player or an iPad, this is just as good a sign as a romantic gift. A gift, regardless of the value, shows he is thinking about you and your interests and wants to express his feelings. Men aren't verbal creatures, and giving you fun, practical or sentimental gifts is their way of telling you that you are on their mind and in their heart.

Meeting His People

If you've been invited to lunch with his Mom, attended a baseball game with his Dad and met his best friend, this is a very good sign. Men introduce the lady in their life to friends and family only when the courtship gets serious. Make a positive first impression by dressing with class and taste but also relax and have a good time. Keep the conversation on light topics, like travel and pets.


Sending you text messages, calling you on the phone and having open, honest communication is another sign your guy is serious about your relationship. A relationship grows and intimacy deepens through effective communication; investing in phone calls and emails, even if he is traveling or busy with work, is one of the best signs your man is thinking about you.

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