How to Get Someone to Admit They Have a Secret Crush on You

by Alexandra Bee

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How to Get Someone to Admit They Have a Secret Crush on You

The dating world offers a way to meet new people and explore new lifestyles with others. Whether you believe a close friend of yours has a secret crush on you or someone you just began seeing likes you as more than friends, getting her to admit it takes work and commitment, along with confidence in yourself.

Step 1

Think about the amount of time you spend together with the person who you believe has a secret crush on you. Assess the relationship by thinking about whether these times are spent with other people or just the two of you.

Step 2

Ask her grab a coffee or go out to lunch with you. This will give you more time to spend together, which will give you a better idea of her feelings as well as your own.

Step 3

Observe his body language when you are with him. If he stands facing you and often raises his eyebrows or motions when you are speaking, he may be interested in you.

Step 4

Talk with her directly about her feelings. Ask her if she is seeing anyone or if she is interested in dating. Watch her reaction when you ask her about her feelings to see if she is reacting positively or negatively to your questions.

Step 5

Ask him directly if he has a secret crush on you. If you have feelings for him, share them openly and honestly with him during the conversation.

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  • Consider the pros and cons of asking your friend if she has a crush on you--or you sharing your own feelings. If you are unsure of her true feelings, rethink your current friendship and the risks of an awkward relationship (or possible romantic relationship) after sharing your own feelings with her.

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