Speed Dating in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

by Daelyn Fortney

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Speed Dating in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Speed dating is a matchmaking format designed to allow individuals to meet a large number of people within a short period of time. Residents of Bethlehem, Pa., can use online services to locate speed dating events in their area.


Bethlehem daters can find local speed dating services by visiting various websites, including Pre-Dating, which lists all upcoming events. Registration ranges from $20 to $30 per session.


Speed daters are rotated in a series of short intervals lasting approximately six minutes. During that time period, the daters are able to talk and ask questions of one another but are not allowed to exchange any type of contact information. The organizer rings a bell signally the end of the interval. All participants must then move to the next person.

Contact Information

At the end of the speed dating session, participants submit a list of people that they are interested in meeting again. In order to relieve daters of pressure and embarrassment, contact information is only provided if there is a match and both parties want to meet.

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