Things to Do With Your Boyfriend on a Cold Day

Things to Do With Your Boyfriend on a Cold Day

    Cold days are magical moments for you and your beau to snuggle up and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s arctic out or merely chilly, the two of you can opt to hibernate like black bears or throw on scarves and grab cups of cocoa to go. There are plenty of things you two can do to enjoy the cold weather. You might even invite a friend or two along the way.

    Sexy S’mores

    If you’d rather utilize your cold days doing something sensual and sweet with your guy, make a little campfire to roast marshmallows. Whether you decide to create an open flame version of the real thing or use your kitchen range, gather chocolate and graham crackers for your sweet treat. Have fun playing with the melted chocolate to playfully kiss chocolate drops off of each other. Take turns feeding each other the gooey concoction while allowing your inner passion to come out.

    Lazy Days

    When being lazy on the couch sounds like a better plan, arrange a hooky day where the two of you take the day off to sleep in and cuddle. Grab a stack of DVDs to watch a marathon of your favorite movies, or sit side-by-side reading magazines and eating cold pizza. Make use of the cold day by bundling up in several fresh, comfortable blankets. Make a pact that you won’t allow any of the outside world to distract you.

    Team Spirit

    For you penguins who couldn’t wait for the temperature to drop below 30 degrees, purchase football game tickets and head out to the stadium for a day of tailgating. Watch the big game while eating some of your favorite foods and sampling a variety of beers. Look the part by outfitting yourselves in oversized sports-themed jackets and scarves to show your team spirit. Cuddle up to each other in the stands while sipping hot chocolate.

    Social Butterflies

    There’s no rule that says you two have to fly solo throughout the cold season. When you know there will be many cold days ahead, or maybe even snow, plan to reserve a cabin and invite friends for a weekend retreat. Serve as the hosts for the weekend, offering guests options for entertainment including horse-back riding lessons, canoeing, constructing an outdoor campfire for storytelling and an indoor game night around the fireplace.

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