Tips on Dating Someone Stubborn

by Helena Cain

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Tips on Dating Someone Stubborn


Dating someone who is stubborn can be a challenge. Whether it's a penchant for wearing socks with sandals or a die-hard addiction to ESPN, if you care about the person you're dating, you look past his flaws or work through them. When you first started dating, you might have found your partner's persistence in getting you to go on a date endearing. But slowly, you may start to see that persistence turns into stubbornness.


Fighting or having disagreements with a stubborn date can feel like the end of the world. Often a stubborn partner has difficulty looking at your side of the disagreement, and will insist he is right. If this only happens on occasion, keep in mind that this is a minor personality flaw, and that the person is worth the headache. However, if this happens frequently and you are unable to deal with the situation, sit down with your boyfriend and have a discussion.

Don't Fix It

As much as you may want to, avoid seeing your stubborn boyfriend as a project who needs to be fixed. For better or worse, he is stubborn and that is a piece of his personality. According to Judsen Culbreth, author of “The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating,” “You should not be someone’s Fixer-Upper, just as you should avoid fixing someone up.” Although you should avoid attempting to alter your date’s personality, discussing any problems you may have with his stubbornness is encouraged. If you find that your everyday communications with your boyfriend are negatively affected by his stubborn mentality, you should strongly consider ending the relationship.


Instead of addressing your partner’s stubborn attitude head-on, consider being more tactful or friendly about it instead. Although the person you are dating may be difficult to sway, a little sweet talk can go a long way. For example, if you’ve noticed that your boyfriend is competitive doesn’t like to lose at chess, find a way to discuss the topic in a tactful way. Remind your partner that addressing his competitiveness is a sign of affection. As Culbreth adds, “Someone who is willing to explore your difficult parts and reach accommodation is headed for the deeper parts of commitment.”

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