How to Use Your Feminine Wiles

by Terry Mulligan

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How to Use Your Feminine Wiles

Using your feminine wiles to create a spark in a new or existing relationship should not be a bad thing. On a first date, it's refreshing to see the feminine side of a woman. In an existing relationship, it's good to hold on to your feminine side -- but, never in a contrived way. Being an alluring woman should never mean being trashy or dishonest. It should just be a catalyst to sparking a possible attraction.

Step 1

Be mysterious. Only reveal partial information about yourself. Tell your man he’s not ready for all of you – although you wish he was.

Step 2

Dress feminine and slightly revealing. Wear slightly revealing clothing like a sweater innocently failing down one shoulder – never something totally see-through. Wear stilettos – even with jeans – if you dare.

Step 3

Have a light, flirty touch. Flirting shouldn’t be obvious. It should be incidental by a quick, simple, soft touch. It should leave your man wanting more, not overwhelmed with too much upfront contact.

Step 4

Speak like a lady. If your date wanted a truck driver, he’d visit a truck stop. Feminine wiles should not have a masculine undertone in speech or word.

Step 5

Be a little naughty, but honest and nice. Only suggest what you’re able to offer. A little teasing can go a long way but it’s only nice to be honest about what you’d like to do.

Step 6

Smile, even if when you’re not. Everyone wants to share pleasant moments. Even if you’re frowning in disagreement or playfully pouting, smile with your eyes – it shows respect for the man’s strength and opinion.

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  • Letting light-hearted conversation flow is all part of enjoying each other -- at any stage in a relationship.


  • Being yourself should always be put above trying to stimulate attention.

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