Webcam Flirting Tips

Webcam Flirting Tips

    Webcams allow online daters to flirt visually as well as through email, chats or phone calls. While we no longer have to squint at profile pictures, navigating flirtation via live video feed can be tricky. The key is to always put your own comfort first when using a webcam. Never feel pressured to do anything, and remember your “date” can end at any time with a simple click.

    Set the Scene

    You can control the picture broadcast from your webcam, so set up your environment as you might a theater set. Test the lighting in front of your webcam before going online. Desk lamps can turn romantic by placing a scarf over the light to soften the glow. You can playfully mimic conditions of a live date through the webcam with a few props such as a white tablecloth at your desk, background music and some candles.

    Look for Visual Cues

    Facial expressions will guide the flirtation via webcam just as they would in person. Throw yourself into the fantasy of the webcam and allow yourself to be as physically expressive to your computer screen as you would to an attractive person in real life. Keep your attention focused on the computer and choose a time when you won’t be distracted by other factors in your home. Only you can control how much of you can be seen via the webcam, so lean in to offer a close-up of a sexy look from your eyes, or lean back for a good laugh and show off a quick flash of your neck and shoulders. Resist the temptation to show too much skin if the flirtation is going well, as webcam images can be easily saved by the viewer. Take advantage of the fact that a webcam offers a portal into the other person’s world. If you find conversation lagging, look into the room behind him for ideas. Ask him about the poster hanging on the wall, or make a joke about the scene taking place in the window behind him.

    Dress for the Occasion

    You can dress to impress for an online date much as you would for any other date. The big difference is that for a webcam flirtation, you will each be in your respective homes. It might seem awkward to sit at your desk in your finest clothes. It is generally better to lean toward casual fashion to avoid appearing like you are trying too hard. However, a playful move towards a live date feel might be to put on a bit of extra makeup or surprise her by wearing a suit, if that level of flirtation seems appropriate.

    Use the Web

    Although your webcam date won’t contain the atmosphere of a physical date, you can use the Internet as your venue to stimulate conversation. Send her a link to a cute video to watch together, or link him to a song you’re discussing. The web offers endless media options for you to share and learn about each other’s interests.

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