How to Write a Poem for a Girl You Want to Ask Out

How to Write a Poem for a Girl You Want to Ask Out

    Writing a poem as a sign of affection is a practice that has enduring appeal, because poetry enables you to speak about your feelings in a creative and personal way. There are many styles of poetry that can be given a romantic theme, and no set rules about exactly the sentiments it needs to contain. Although it can make you feel a little vulnerable, writing an affectionate poem can be the perfect gesture to spark a romantic interest.

    Step 1

    Brainstorm what you’d like the poem to say. Consider the emotions or feelings you’d like to express in its verses -- perhaps the poem will describe a specific event or it will tell a story evolving over time. Although all poets have different techniques, it is useful to create a mind map to explore your feelings on paper; write words and feelings that the subject of your poem inspires in you, and in turn write the mental images those words create in your head.

    Step 2

    Establish the style of the poem. Although this isn’t required, following a specific style of poem gives your writing structure and a sense of continuity. A common romantic style is a sonnet (favored by Shakespeare), although less widely used styles (such as a ghazal poetry) could give a unique element to the poetry’s composition.

    Step 3

    Write the poem. Although this step often is the most difficult, consider that a positive thing; if romantic poetry were easy to write, it would lose its effect. Instead, appreciate the challenge of putting your feelings into the perfect words, letting yourself pause for long periods occasionally while you develop the best phrases.

    Step 4

    Review and redraft your poem. Sometimes it can take a few days (or more) before you’re happy with what you’ve written, but don’t be concerned. The process of editing is important to making your poem the best it can be, and it will give you a longer time to establish exactly what message you want to convey.

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