How to know if you're in love with someone

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How to know if you're in love with someone

Relationships can be quite tricky, especially when determining feelings for the first time. After being with someone for awhile it begins to become confusing when trying to decipher whether or not you are feeling love for the first time or not... Here are some tips to help you see what your real feelings may be.

Step 1

Think about your significant other. What types of feelings do you feel when you think of them? If you feel a warmth inside and flicker of excitement, you may be feeling feelings of love. Are you smiling? Love often brings a smile to one's face.

Step 2

Do you feel entirely comfortable by their presence? When dealing with love, comfort is a necessity. One can only feel absolute bliss if they are completely comfortable with their other half.

Step 3

Can you sit in a room filled with silence and their presence and be entirely satisfied? Love is not always vocal, but an expression through many ways, including comfortable silence.

Step 4

Do you see a future with your mate? A future must always be in store if true love exists. Think about years from now... Do you still see them and happiness?

Step 5

Do you love them like a family member? You may not necessarily love them the same way as you love your family, but do the feelings seem just as strong?

Step 6

How open are you with them? When you love someone you will spill your deepest, darkest secrets and most private of thoughts. Are they one of your best friends and "go to" people?

Step 7

You would do anything for them. Love equals sacrifice.

Step 8

When you're around them you never feel bored by their presence or input in conversation. You can find adventure and excitement simply by being around them.

Step 9

Most importantly... You already know inside yourself that you're in love with them and your instincts are agreeing while reading this.

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  • Love can be a scary thing, but remember that goodness comes with it. Take it one day at a time and enjoy your fresh feelings.

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