10 Ways to Get a Boyfriend

Making eye contact and smiling are two flirtation tools.Making eye contact and smiling are two flirtation tools.

Not all women know how to attract the guy of their desires. The first step is socializing and surrounding yourself with new potential dates. Then, by paying attention to the way you act, the things you say and the way you feel and look, you can draw your love interest to you.

Attitude and Appearance

Desperation is a turn-off to guys. When speaking with him, stand straight, square your shoulders and do not appear overly interested. Dr. Ian Kerner, author of "DSI: Date Scene Investigation," states that pursuing a woman increases a man's dopamine levels. Some guys thrive from the pleasurable feelings these chemicals release. Good grooming is also crucial. "Cosmopolitan" magazine notes that men are visual creatures. Choose garments that complement your shape and express your personality. Body language expert Dr. David Givens has found that guys are more attracted to a woman's shoulders than to bare cleavage.


Keep it light. When conversing with your guy, keep the topics casual, fun and flirty. Avoid speaking about your past heartbreaks or depressing world issues. A guy wants to know that his potential girlfriend can brighten his day. Boost his ego: compliment your guy instead of tearing him down. If he exercises, let him know that he has excellent posture. Ask him questions about a sport or subject he seems interested in. Let him know you enjoy spending time with him. Boosting his ego will make him eager to be around you.


Be genuine. As cliched as it sounds, you want a guy who enjoys spending time with the real you. Pretending to be someone else will eventually get tiring and frustrating. If your love interest does not like you for who you really are, he is a poor choice for you. Be positive: if you are having trouble attracting a guy, do not berate yourself and succumb to a negative frame of mind. Tell yourself that you are going to meet the right guy in the near future. Guys will be attracted to your positive outlook.


When you smile, you signal to a guy that you are personable, happy and fun to be around. "InStyle" magazine suggests placing the tip of your tongue at the back of your teeth to prevent over-smiling. Eye contact is the key tool to letting a guy know you are interested. Hold his gaze for approximately three seconds, but refrain from staring. Maintaining eye contact will also show him that you are not easily intimidated.

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