How Does A Crush Develop?

Admiring from Afar

It could be the server behind the counter at your favorite cafe, a co-worker or just someone you fantasize about that appears on a popular TV show. Regardless of who it is, a crush generally starts as slight admiration. You may see someone you think is cute, has a great personality or has some aspect that draws that person to you. People usually develop crushes on others after their first or second encounter with the person. You have an innate sense that a person may be a good match for you. Once that becomes apparent, a crush begins to develop.

Getting a Closer Look

After this initial stage of the crush, the "crusher, "the person who has the crush on someone, usually tries to spend as much time possible near the "crushee," the person being crushed on. This may mean acting like they have to do work every day at the coffeeshop where the crushee works, or trying to run into a co-worker at the fax machine, break room, etc. as much as possible. At this stage, the crusher is trying to be noticed by the crushee.

Striking up a Conversation

After you have tried to run into your crush as much as possible, you may try to strike up a conversation with your crush or make small talk or talk about something with a co-worker that they know he's interested in, such as a movie that just came out. At this stage, you're taking a chance and getting to know the crushee. This is about the time when the crusher engages in some harmless flirting and compliments the crushee.

Taking a Crush to the Next Level

If you've had luck chatting with the crushee, your crush on that person will more than likely become stronger. As you continue to come into contact with the crushee and get to know each other, there will come a point in time in which you will hint at going on a date with the crushee.

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