Activities for Dating Couples

A scenic ride on horseback is a romantic date option.A scenic ride on horseback is a romantic date option.

One problem that seems to come up regularly about dating is the desire to plan different activities together. While going out to dinner, a movie or bowling are sound considerations, try to think outside the box when planning a date, and do something that is new and exciting for both of you.

Horseback Riding

Discover relaxation and romance by going horseback riding. Check around the area for scenic trails. Some businesses offer horseback riding through beautiful mountainous regions or along the shores of the beach.

Dance Lessons

Persuade your partner to take dance lessons. It can end up being a lot of fun for you both. Learn the salsa, Viennese waltz, tango, shag, Texas two-step or quick step together. Use the skills you learn to go out dancing in the future and impress your friends.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Hold hands as the two of you enjoy breathtaking views from high in the air in a hot-air balloon. These rides have long been regarded as a romantic date idea for couples.

Amusement Park or Fair

Share a day of laughter and smiles at an amusement park or state fair. Win your date a stuffed animal or other prize, go on some thrilling rides, share a funnel cake or other fair food and explore the grounds and its many exhibits. You can even end the night with a music concert.

Dinner Cruise

Board a boat at the riverfront to cruise the waters as the sun begins to set, and enjoy a dinner on the boat together. Before or after dinner, you can snuggle up on the deck and admire the view.

Helicopter Ride

Jump on board a helicopter for some excitement and a unique view of the city. Many businesses across the U.S. offer helicopter rides. This may involve a little more money, but it can prove to be a worthwhile expense.

Comedy Show

Go to a comedy show to provide some comic relief if you are newly dating and still nervously getting to know each other. Partake in drinks and snacks while using laughter to break the ice and enjoy each other's company.

The Zoo

Plan a date at the zoo where you can walk around hand-in-hand and observe the animals. It is an excellent leisurely activity that provides many things to talk about and marvel at with each other throughout the day.

Dinner Theater

Spice a typical dinner date up with dinner theater. There are many different kinds of places that offer food and entertainment, such as mystery theater dinners, dinner plays or dinner shows complete with singing, dancing and other entertainment.


Participate in a tour to learn new things and spend time together. Grab hands and take a walking tour of the city or a haunted tour. Adventurous, outdoorsy couples can take a scenic boat tour, dolphin tour or whale-watching tour. Adult couples can tour a brewery, winery or other local business or tourist attraction.

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