The Advantages of Dating Several People

Dating multiple people might assist you to find the right one.Dating multiple people might assist you to find the right one.

Nothing boosts self-esteem quite like being pursued by multiple people. While dating several people takes careful balance and planning, it also offers distinct advantages that traditional, monogamous relationships do not. When dating several people at once, be upfront with all partners about your decision. This not only promotes honesty and openness in your relationships, but it prevents you from being forced to lie or deceive potential mates.

Variety is Spice

Variety is the most obvious advantage of dating several people at the same time. One partner may be a sports fanatic while another is a homebody. These distinct differences give you the opportunity to experience various activities and settings for dates as well as different conversational styles and topics of discussion. You could learn new relationship skills through your interactions with multiple people, such as how to negotiate for personal care time and how to balance the needs of others with your needs.


Whether you're dating two people or five, having multiple love interests increases your self-confidence. In addition to feeling attractive and desirable, you also may find that someone is usually available to hang out and spend time with you. In a traditional, monogamous relationship, you might spend some evenings alone while a partner works or has other plans. Dating multiple people increases the potential that you can your spare time spend with someone you like. You may also find that your dating partners are more interested in you because of the competition, suggests Josey Vogels, author of "Dating: A Survival Guide from the Frontlines."


Whether you have a good idea of what you want in a lifelong partner or you're still determining that, dating several people gives you an ideal opportunity to quickly compare and contrast different personality traits in your partners. In monogamous relationships, you are forced to compare your current partner with a previous one. You can explore how your personality meshes with other personality types and learn what makes the best fit, suggests seduction coach Arden Leigh, author of "The New Rules of Attraction." If none of the current partners are potential mates, you have at least identified the types of personalities you want to focus on and those you want to avoid.


Dating several people at once helps you to remain rational and logical while evaluating a relationship. When involved in an exclusive relationship, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of love and excitement or jealous if someone comes onto your partner, explains Vogels. Dating multiple pursuers tend to be more objective, relaxed and clear when analyzing the future of a relationship. It also prevents you from becoming on a single person, writes counselor Kathy Labriola in "Have You Considered Non-monogamy??"

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