Advice About Dating Women With Kids

Dating a woman who has children can be much more challenging than dating a woman without children. When dating a woman with kids, you have to understand that you will not be the primary focus of her life. That doesn't mean you can't have a rewarding relationship with a woman and her kids. It just means there'll be obstacles and roadblocks in addition to the normal stress of dating. Here's more advice about dating women with kids.

Time Considerations

A woman with kids may have a busy schedule with work and parenting duties. Time for dating and getting to know someone can be somewhat limited. Of course this isn't always the case, but in the early stages of dating a woman with kids, be prepared to play second or third fiddle. Jobs, baseball practices and ballet concerts will most certainly take precedent over dating. Be patient, especially if you feel the relationship has growth potential.

Meeting the Kids

Most mothers won't introduce you to their kids until you've established a solid relationship. Meeting the kids is a big step. Take it slow. Make sure you're polite. Be a gentleman, and always be kind to the kids. If there are any discipline problems with the kids, let the mother address the situation. Treat the mother and kids with warmth and kindness, and there isn't any reason you shouldn't receive the same in return.

Expect an increase in your dating expenses. Your dating activities will probably incorporate the kids, creating more of a family type environment. Take the kids and your lady on dates to the swimming pool, or to Dave & Buster's where you can play games and eat. The bottom line is to have fun together.

Family & Getting Serious

After dating for a long time, you and your lady friend may get much more serious. It's important to establish a solid relationship with the children. Continue to have patience with the situation as a whole. The kids will always come first and you may be a close second. At this point in the relationship, you may have developed an attachment to the children. That's great if the relationship lasts. However, in the event that you do break up, it can be a devastating situation for you and the kids, due to your possible role as father figure. You can't prevent this emotional low, but taking your time can help minimize the risk.

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