Alpha Male Personality Types

The alpha male businessman works at the top of the organization.The alpha male businessman works at the top of the organization.

Wolf packs are led by an alpha male. Based on the structure of wolf society, the term "alpha male" is applied to a particular type of human male. These men have certain personality traits in common and are fairly easy to spot socially. These traits are seen by both males and females as highly desirable to the extent that some men try to learn alpha male behavior.


An alpha male may appear aloof and indifferent to those around him.

The alpha male typically appears aloof and indifferent to those around him, yet he draws everyone to him. This is his charisma -- an indefinable quality that some people have, and many people would love to acquire if it were possible. Certainly some of his charisma is attributable to the fact that the alpha male is supremely comfortable in his own skin. As a result, he doesn't seek approval from those around him and is happy saying what he wants without the need of approval from others.


Alpha males are unaffected by social pressure.

Alpha males are unaffected by social pressure; indeed they are indifferent to it. The indifference comes across as confidence to those around him. Also, he is not worried by the possibility that people may dislike him. He has friends and doesn't care if you don't like him. The alpha male never apologizes or explains his behavior. Neither does he feel the need to boast about his successes. In a social environment, the alpha male is indifferent to what is happening in the rest of the room. His attention is focused on where he is and the people immediately around him.

Leaders and High Achievers

An alpha male is a natural born leader.

Like the male wolf, the human version is a natural born leader, whether socially or in the workplace. An alpha male, whatever the situation, has the personal authority to take control and defend his group in a dangerous situation. His calmness, when faced with a challenge, draws his "pack" to him. Alpha males are typically high achievers at school, work and in sports. Other men find it difficult to impress an alpha male because these types are only impressed by something exceptional, often an achievement with a high financial value.

Challenges and Control

An alpha male likes a challenge.

An alpha male likes a challenge but not from another alpha male, so you may frequently find him in the company of beta males. His method of controlling anyone trying to get to know him and find common ground is to give only basic answers to personal questions, ignore some questions or change the subject. He likes to sit in a position where the people around him are forced to turn toward him, and it is clear to outsiders that he is the center of the group. The alpha male doesn't have a problem showing a more caring side, but even this is a product of not worrying about what people think of him.

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