Amazing Tips on How to Flirt

Flirting is a state of mind. It involves a mixture of playfulness tinged with sex appeal. It allows you to show your interest, yet retain the ability to walk away proudly if the interest is not returned. Amazing tips on how to flirt are only half the battle---the other half is having the confidence to use them.

Eye Contact

Eyes are an amazing flirting tool, as they allow you to convey your interest to another in just one glance. You can use your eyes to catch his interest across a crowded room, as you smile and hold the look to the count of three before you look away. Wait for him to approach you as you occasionally look over and repeat this process.


Nothing catches a man's interest quicker than a soft, sexy whisper close to his ear. Lean over and communicate your interest in him as you keep your voice low and slightly breathless despite the topic of conversation. But, you must use the whisper rarely for it to remain a flirting tool, because like most tools, it loses its potency if applied too often.


A subtle wisp from your perfume can become a mating call. Develop a signature scent and wear it often so it will bring you to mind each time he smells it. Also use a scented shampoo for those occasions when you happen to lean in close enough for him to feel the soft brush of you hair against his skin.


A smile can be subtle, mischievous or expressive. Use your smile to convey emotion as you smile with both your eyes and your mouth. This shows him that you are available, if he doesn't know you, and interested in him if you are newly dating. Learn the art of sharing private smiles.

Be Noticed

You can't flirt if no one knows you are there. Remove yourself from against the wall and walk the room as you look for a man that sparks your interest. You can make the first move by joining in a conversation and slowly moving him from the crowd as you discuss his thoughts on the topic of communication.

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