How to Appreciate a Woman

Let her know you appreciate having her in your life.Let her know you appreciate having her in your life.

A healthy, loving relationship involves expressing gratitude for and appreciation of the things we admire in our partners. All humans enjoy feeling appreciated, but men in particular may find it difficult to express emotions of gratitude or love, especially if they have been raised to view emotional displays as wimpy or effeminate. Appreciation can be shown in both words and actions. Consider the countless ways to show your appreciation to the special woman in your life.

Take care to alter some of the habits from your college bachelor days.

Step 1

Accommodate her. One of the most meaningful ways to show your appreciation of a woman is to understand what behaviors and habits annoy her, and then avoid or reduce these behaviors. For instance, what woman wants to co-habitate with a slob who leaves dirty dishes around, doesn't make the bed, or leaves the toilet seat up? Make an effort to be neat and tidy, if only to make her happy. Volunteer to help and see how quickly she lights up!

Know what she likes most so you can surprise her with your thoughtfulness.

Step 2

Commit random acts of kindness. Have a warm meal prepared when she comes home after a long day at the office. Deliver her favorite flowers to her workplace. Finish all of last night's dishes or fold yesterday's laundry. Bring home her favorite snack foods and propose a movie night. There are countless ways to surprise your woman and make her feel appreciated.

A hug is a welcome sign of appreciation.

Step 3

Show affection frequently. Many couples overlook the deep value of non-sexual touching. Physical contact is another language to express gratitude. Hold your woman's hand whenever possible -- in the theater, during long car rides or while walking down the street. Stroke her cheek. Hug and kiss her frequently. Cuddle up to her in bed or on the couch. Don't shy away from scooping her into your arms in public either. Public acts of affection mean you are confident and comfortable enough to show your gratitude to her to the world.

Tell her all the things you love about her.

Step 4

Vocalize your appreciation. While actions certainly speak louder than words, women also like to hear how much you appreciate them. This can be challenging for men who find it difficult to express emotions. If this is the case, practice these phrases out loud to yourself or in front of a mirror: "I appreciate you because ...," "I appreciate when you ...," "I appreciate the way you...."

Be sure your words are heartfelt and genuine.

Step 5

Focus on specifics. While "I love you" and "I appreciate you" are wonderful reminders of your feelings for the woman in your life, make an effort to highlight specific things that you love or appreciate about her. Tell her, for example, "I love how you are so gentle with our children," or "I appreciate how you always hold my hand in public." This will let her know that you notice the small things that make her special.

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