Appropriate Ways to Flirt

Knowing when and how to flirt can sometimes be a confusing prospect, particularly when you are feeling especially smitten with the object of your affection. Flirting often takes a great deal of confidence, and the fear of rejection can commonly be overwhelming. Still, if you can find ways to flirt appropriately, you can pave the way towards being irresistible to those you hope to flirt with.

Pen a sweet text message to let your crush know you care.Pen a sweet text message to let your crush know you care.

Write It Out

Putting what you like about your crush into writing is the key to successful wooing, according to Jason Tesauro, co-author of “The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice.” Love notes have never really fallen out of style, even as the methods for delivering them have changed. You don’t need to go so far as penning a five-page hand-written letter. Instead, keep it short and sweet via text or instant messaging. A quick comment about how your crush made you laugh in class could be just the conversation starter you have been hoping for. Perhaps you could shoot off a text message or pen a note to leave on the windshield of her car telling her that you hope to see her at a party that night.

Use Your Magic Touch

Subtle touches can go a long way to communicating your attraction, explains Jeremy Nicholson, social and personality psychologist. A well-timed touch to the arm or quick and gentle grazing of the lower back can be simple flirtatious moves that let your crush know you are interested. Be careful not to go too far with the touching though. Lingering hugs or uncomfortable groping actually run the risk of freaking your crush out rather than setting off a mutual attraction.

Be Silly

Showing your crush your goofy side can be incredibly endearing, notes "Seventeen" magazine. It takes confidence to be silly, and laughter may be one of the best ways there is to flirt. Don’t be afraid to innocently tease your crush about a funny remark made in class or an inside joke just the two of you share. Allow your personality to shine through by going all out for a school spirit day. The ability to have fun is attractive, and the object of your affection will love getting to know how lighthearted you can be.

Hit the Dance Floor

Showing off some of your best dance moves can often be the final flirtatious touch you need to seal the deal, suggests Tesauro. You don’t have to be a dance major to swing your hips to the music. All that matters is having fun and allowing the beat to move you. If you can get your crush out on the dance floor, you can let your moves do the flirting for you.

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