How to ask a boy to be your boyfriend

Teen girls with a crush sometimes need to break the ice.Teen girls with a crush sometimes need to break the ice.

Dating as a tween or teen girl can be difficult. Although traditionally men have been expected to ask out women, modern culture has made it just as acceptable for women to make the first move. Tween and teen boys can be very shy. If you have a crush on a boy in school, you may have to make the first move and ask him out.

Step 1

Talk to your crush in school. Just because you think a boy is cute, doesn't mean that he will make a good boyfriend. Get to know him before asking him out.

Step 2

Become friends first. There is no reason to rush into anything at a young age.

Step 3

Socialise in a group atmosphere. Once you become friends, try getting a group of your female friends and a group of his male friends to go to the mall together or to hang out together at a dance.

Step 4

Start communicating one on one. Send texts to your crush or send him instant messages on the computer. Make sure to do this in moderation and make sure that your crush reciprocates and sends you texts and instant messages as well. If the boy does not respond to your messages, it may be a sign that he is uninterested.

Step 5

Ask your crush out in person. When you feel comfortable around the boy and are finally ready to ask him to be your boyfriend, do it in person. However, make sure to do it one on one. Pull him to the side at a dance or ask him to walk you home from school. Asking him out in front of a group will just make both of you more anxious.

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  • Not every crush will like you back. Rejection is a part of dating. Don't let one boy turning you down ruin your self-esteem.
  • When a guy does like you, he will be very impressed with the fact that you had the confidence to ask him out first. Teen and tween boys can be just as nervous as teen and tween girls.


  • Know your boundaries and respect yourself. Even if you made the first move and asked the boy out, never let a boyfriend force you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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