How to Ask for Forgiveness From the Man You Love

Ask for Forgiveness From the Man You LoveAsk for Forgiveness From the Man You Love

In a relationship, hurt feelings are inevitable. It's not that we set out to intentionally hurt the man we love. It's just that, sometimes, we may disagree or say or do something without really thinking about how it will impact his feelings. Whether intentional or not, the pain that we have caused is still very real. It is something that we must accept responsibility for. It is also something that we must ask forgiveness for. By asking for forgiveness, we can have a better chance at building a happy and lasting relationship.

Evaluate the situation to make sure that you have done something to ask forgiveness for. Sometimes women can get cornered into thinking that we should ask forgiveness for things that weren't wrong in the first place. Bumping into an ex-boyfriend at the mall, talking to a stranger at a bus stop or going out with our girlfriends are not reasons to ask forgiveness. If you find that you did nothing wrong, not only should you not ask for forgiveness, you should start to evaluate your relationship. Do you really want to be with a guy that questions your every move and always assumes the worst from you?

Examine your feelings about the situation. Do you truly regret the mistake you made? Would you do it again? If you do not feel regret for the situation and are likely to do it again, it may be best to skip asking forgiveness. This can be especially true if it caused your relationship to end. If it did not cause your relationship to end, you may want to take some time to further evaluate your relationship. If you know that you caused pain to the man you love and don't feel bad, there may be some deeper relationship issues that you need to discuss. You may even find that the relationship is not one worth saving.

Think about how you would feel if your boyfriend had done the same thing. This will help you evaluate the situation a little better. It will also help you to better understand your guy's feelings.

Think about what it might take to get your boyfriend to trust you again. This is an important part of asking for forgiveness. You will need to have a plan to implement before you even ask him for forgiveness so that you can avoid hurting him again. You must also realize that, because you have hurt him, it will take you time to earn back his trust.

Approach your boyfriend when you have some time to spend together without distractions. Explain that you know you hurt him. Express to him that you truly feel bad for hurting him. Ask him if he can forgive you, with time.

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  • Understand that forgiveness can take time. Be patient with the man you love as he sorts out his hurt feelings. Have compassion and understanding for his feelings in this situation.


  • Do your best to not repeat the same mistake. Avoid making excuses for your actions. Instead, accept responsibility for your choices.

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