How to Ask for Support From Your Boyfriend

Emotional support goes both ways.Emotional support goes both ways.

Couples need to rely on each other in times of emotional stress. One of the advantages of a healthy romantic relationship is emotional support. However, couples are not mind readers and may not always know when their partners need them. If you're going through a tough time in your life, it is understandable to want your boyfriend to be there for you but he may not understand the gravity of the situation. If you need extra support from a boyfriend, asking for it in an honest way should be enough to attain it.

Step 1

Sit down with your boyfriend in private and talk to him about the current events in your life. He may not be aware of all the issues you are currently facing and just talking about them with him could make you feel better and less overwhelmed. Many men miss some of those big events you may notice. Instead of holding this lack of awareness over his head, just let him know what's going on with you. He can't support you in the best way if he doesn't know what's going on.

Step 2

Explain the emotional toll the current events have had on you and why you feel the way you do. This helps him to understand what is needed of him and why you currently need assistance and support. When you give him clear definitions and explanations, he's more likely to jump on board and support you. He also begins to figure out how he can be there for you in the future.

Step 3

Tell your boyfriend exactly what you need from him as best you can. You may need him around more or just need to know you can call him at three in the morning if necessary. Be specific so he understands what you want and why. Many men prefer things to be direct and up front, so don't be afraid to let your important concerns out on the table.

Step 4

Listen to his response. He'll more than likely be receptive to your needs, at least at first, and then it's up to him to continue the support as the relationship continues. You also show him that when he needs someone to listen that you're a good bet. Active listening helps create a more supportive environment in your relationship.

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  • While it is good to have your boyfriend for support, do not rely on him as your sole source of guidance since that is a large responsibility for anyone. See a therapist if necessary or talk to friends and family as well to develop a network of people around you to assist through a difficult time.

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