How to Assess Attractiveness in Online Dating Profiles

Online dating requires you to take the time to assess potential matches.Online dating requires you to take the time to assess potential matches.

Using a dating website presents challenges. For example, It can be hard to know how attractive someone is because you cannot see her in person. However, an online profile does give you access to a lot of personal information that may help you assess how attractive a potential date is. By reviewing a profile carefully, you can get a good sense of whether a person is a possible dating match.

Step 1

Narrow your selections by choosing physical factors you consider attractive. If height, body type or ethnicity is important to you, or you prefer a certain hair or eye color, most programs allow you to select members who meet these criteria. Once you have a smaller group based on these physical attributes, you can study them more closely to assess their attractiveness.

Step 2

Look for profiles that have pictures, and only save profiles with clear photos that appear to be current.The best way to know whether you find someone physically attractive if to actually see him. Photographs also help ensure that the profile is real and that the person has taken the time to complete his profile carefully in a way that represents him well. Make sure to browse and compare all of the pictures on a profile. People often select their best image to appear in search results, and the others may provide a more accurate sense of the person's appearance.

Step 3

Check all the factors that you find attractive in another person. These may include type of employment, level of education or interests, such as sports or other activities the person takes part in. Some people feel that having a close relationship with family or a strong connection to a religious faith is a measure of overall attractiveness. As you explore the dating scene, decide how heavily to weigh physical characteristics and personality and lifestyle factors.

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