How to Get Attention From a Boyfriend

Pay attention to him when he talks and ask questions that show you're listening.Pay attention to him when he talks and ask questions that show you're listening.

Individuals sometimes struggle to keep the happy balance in their relationships. Men and women communicate on different levels, experiencing situations through different eyes. Communication can get lost, and it’s hard to get the other person’s perspective if he is unhappy or withdrawn. There are some things that a woman can do to reclaim her place in a man’s arms and heart.

Step 1

Make sure that you are happy with yourself, first and foremost. This happiness will be like a magnet. People naturally gravitate toward a happy, positive personality. Letting yourself shine is a great way to have a man take notice of your beauty and ignite a desire to be near you to share that happiness.

Step 2

Don't instigate drama, play games, pretend to be something you are not or play dumb. These things will not get your man’s attention, but will distance him further instead.

Step 3

Refrain from using phrases like “I told you so.” Be accepting of his differences and imperfections, don’t get mad if he is withdrawing from time to time, don’t offer solutions to his problems, and don’t expect him always to express his feelings.

Step 4

Give him space and independence. Smothering him will only make him withdraw further.

Step 5

Make sure to enjoy the time you have together, and make it memorable. Think of fun, creative ways for the two of you to occupy the time you spend together. Offer to go on outings that he would like, and remember that laughter brings positive energy to a situation.

Step 6

Take your time to get dressed up now and then. It is a well known fact that many men are visual creatures and a woman who puts effort into looking nice for her man gets noticed more times than not. Lingerie is usually a plus, but it is by no means required.

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