How to Attract Canadian Men

Start an in-depth conversation about Canadian politics.Start an in-depth conversation about Canadian politics.

Dating is difficult in many respects -- especially when you are attracted to a man from another country. Canadian men, for example, often have different interests when compared to their American counterparts. The trick to attracting a Canadian man is to show him you are truly interested in who he is and where he is from. Stand out from the crowd and ease your way into this man's life by being authentic in your fascination.

Show off your knowledge of Canadian arts. Talk about the well known fiction of Canadian writer, Nino Ricci, or the novels and essays of Hugh MacLennan, for example. Point out Canadian music favorites -- such as the rock-and-roll group Black Cherry or blues sensation Baxter Creek Band. Use Canadian arts to jump-start mutual interests and conversation.

Buy tickets to a sports event. Take the man to a lacrosse game or a hockey tournament, for example. Lacrosse and hockey, according to J.J.'s Complete Guide to Canada, are two standout sports in the country. Present a Team Canada lacrosse bag or hockey jersey as an additional sports gift for the man.

Embrace his roots. Find out where the man is from and study his background. Discuss the cultural and artistic heritage -- including French art and music -- of Quebec City, for example. Note the world-renowned freshwater beaches in Ontario and offer to go boating or fishing and enjoy the water.

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