How to Attract a Good Man

Good men are out there.Good men are out there.

Attracting an honest, loyal and moral man is not easy in this day and age. Almost any man can fake being good for you, but truly trustworthy men can be found. Here are some ways to attract the right man for you.

Attracting a Good Man

Put on clothes that you would normally wear out to a bar, on a date or at a party. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and try to determine what signals you might be giving off to a roomful of guys. If your outfit screams, "Check out my hot body" you might need to tone it down a bit by making it more casual.

Put together an attractive, comfortable outfit that is accompanied by very light, natural makeup. This combination will help you to look more relaxed---as if you're ready to have a conversation instead of a pickup-line contest.

Begin going places where you can talk when you want to meet men. Avoid loud or dark places like clubs or bars that emphasize how you look as opposed to who you are. Try going to more small parties, dance lessons, cooking classes, and other group environments that involve lots of talking.

Aggressive men who approach you may be full of both confidence and ulterior motives. Men who are more timid (the wallflowers of the party) are more likely to be kind and trustworthy. Seek out the quiet ones at the party and begin chatting with them. It's OK if you start the conversation.

If you are used to getting the wrong kind of guy you may need a verbal makeover. Try talking honestly with the men you meet and sharing your feelings on certain events or parts of your life. If the man you are speaking with engages you in conversation without changing the subject or going into a long-winded conversation about himself, you may have found a "good man" candidate.

If you do begin dating a guy who has "good guy" potential, make the relationship about conversation and activity instead of sex. If the guy is faking his nice-guy act in order to get you into bed, the cracks in his armor will begin to show as time goes by.

Keep in mind that a good man is often more sensitive than average. Treat him like a good guy and don't take him for granted. He will feel good and if for some reason it doesn't work out you will have a good reputation in the dating community.

Be patient and know that if you continue to put out good signals, you can find a good man for your relationship needs.

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Things You Will Need

  • Mirror
  • Comfortable outfit
  • Natural makeup


  • If you get set up on a blind date, try to make it a double or triple date so conversation will flow more easily.

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