How to Attract Handsome Classy Guys

Attract Handsome Classy GuysAttract Handsome Classy Guys

The search for the perfect mate is complex and sometimes difficult, but knowing what you want and not settling for less is the first step. Most people would say they want a handsome and classy guy for a mate but “handsome” and “classy” can be defined differently by different people. Generally speaking “handsome” is in the eye of the beholder, but well kept and nicely dressed and groomed is usually part of that. “Classy” can mean almost anything, but most often means well mannered and gentlemanly. Are you ready to meet Mr. Right but have been dating Mr. Wrong for too long? Here is how to attract the mate you want.

Be clean and well-groomed. If you want to attract a clean and well-groomed man, you must be clean and well-groomed yourself. That doesn’t mean spending a lot of money necessarily; just the basics will be fine. Be sure you shower and smell good every day and that eyebrows are plucked and groomed nicely. Make sure your makeup is up to date and that if it’s time for a new hair do, you take the leap. Look modern and confident and you will attract a great mate.

Be healthy and health conscious. Good health is a universal attractant based upon our primitive need to procreate, so take advantage of instincts and be healthy and health conscious. Drink plenty of water, exercise and eat well and you will attract handsome and healthy men! Simple!

Wash your mouth out with soap. Okay, not really, but clean up your language. Classy men don’t use curse words or foul language and neither should you. Classy women choose their words carefully and express themselves in a more meaningful way.

Watch your etiquette. You may not need to take an entire etiquette class, but know the basics. Know what is expected of a good dinner date and some basic dating etiquette so that once you meet that handsome and classy man, you can keep him. Needless to say, sex on the first dates is a big no-no.

Be well-educated and aware of what is going on in the world. You don’t need a degree from Harvard to impress a classy man, but you should have an awareness of what is going on in the world so that you can make conversation and keep him interested.

Be caring and genuine. Handsome and classy men can smell a gold digger or a disingenuous woman a mile away, so be sure to keep up with your good works and put your heart out into the world to make a difference.

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  • Update your looks with help from a professional. Go to a great salon and get a new hairstyle and make up tips.
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