How to Attract Intelligent Women

Many women prefer a strong man with a moral foundation.Many women prefer a strong man with a moral foundation.

Finding fulfilling romantic relationships may require you to change your approach and learn new strategies. This is especially true if you haven’t been attracting suitable relationship partners. Learn how to attract the intelligent women whose company you enjoy without repelling them with immaturity, poor hygiene and unhealthy habits, suggests Sarah Foulkes in "Women's 5 Biggest Turn-Offs." Start by knowing what your ideal partner wants and how to present that without having to fake it. A multifaceted approach can prove rewarding.

Step 1

Demonstrate your own intelligence. While you don’t have to walk around quoting Einstein, you do want to show intelligent women that you can provide intellectual stimulation. Appropriate ways to show off your smarts include discussing social issues or sharing your technical knowledge. Take care to express your intelligence without coming across as arrogant or overzealous.

Step 2

Seek out opportunities to interact with intelligent women. This allows you to form bonds that go deeper than chance encounters. It also lets you show your appreciation for women with strong minds. Make regular visits to libraries, bookstores and similar places frequented by intelligent people, or join dedicated book clubs or civic groups. Strike up conversations that allow women to express themselves freely. Furthering your education can also place you near intelligent women.

Step 3

Hand out sincere compliments. Just because an intelligent woman “doesn’t need to hear compliments" doesn’t mean that they won’t make her smile and feel appreciated. Let women know that you value their intelligence. Focusing on attributes other than her intellect can make her feel special, as some men don’t readily associate beauty with brains.

Step 4

Acknowledge when an intelligent woman is right. This includes famous women, as well as the object of your affection. Understand that your admission reinforces the message that you value the opinions and intellect of women.

Step 5

Be yourself. Nobody likes being deceived and pretending to be something you are not is deception. Let her see the real you, smiling, laughing, enjoying life and learning something new every day.

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  • Intelligent women still enjoy old-fashioned humor.

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