How to Attract Men at a Club/Bar


There are those women who exude so much self confidence and sex-appeal that men find them completely irresistible. Such women are man-magnets with the ability to pick and choose from many suitors. Then there are those women men don't seem to be interested in at all. Such women can't seem to find love even though they are always on the look out for it and have a lot to bring to the table. This article will show you how to attract more men in any social situation.

Go out in groups of no bigger than three - It can be difficult for a man to approach a woman even if she is alone. It is however, infinitely more difficult for a man to approach a woman who has her girlfriends with her. Not only is he worried about being rejected by the woman he is interested in, but he is also worried about being ridiculed by her friends, should she give him the cold shoulder. So if you are going out with your friends but are still interested in meeting men, go out with only two other girlfriends. Make sure to periodically move away from the group for a few minutes, thereby providing opportunity for a man to introduce himself to you alone. Being in a group of three also ensures that everyone always has some company.

Exude confidence - Hold your head high and sit/stand straight with your shoulders back. Maintain good posture and pay attention to your body language. Don't cross your arms as this generally closes you off and makes you seem less approachable. Maintain a happy and positive attitude. Genuinely enjoy being out and about and leave any expectations about meeting price charming at home. Concentrate on living in the moment.

Make sure you are physically comfortable - Always wear clothes that compliment your shape and enhance your good looks as opposed to clothes that are in fashion but not suited for you. If you're not comfortable and your clothes don't fit well, you won't appear confident. Don't spend most of the night in the lady's room fixing your outfit... there are no men in there. Women who are more concerned with their outfit than their surroundings generally appear shallow and well, undesirable. Everything about your attitude and great appearance has to appear effortless and natural.

Smile and make eye contact - Smile and make eye contact with the man you are interested in meeting. Smiling at him will reassure him that you're interested in meeting him and will alleviate his fears of rejection. Not only that, but most people actually feel happier when they start smiling. So even if you're not feeling all that great, smile and you'll start feeling better. Coincidently, smiling will help you look better too.

Master the art of small talk - Relax. Most people experience some form of social anxiety. It is absolutely natural to feel a little apprehensive about meeting new people but if you can relax and master the art of small talk you will no longer be one of those people. Maintaining an interesting and memorable first conversation can be difficult but by heeding the following advice you can ensure that it doesn't turn awkward or downright nasty.

  • Listen carefully
  • Answer questions with more than one or two words
  • Ask questions and remember that people love talking about themselves
  • Don't eat or drink too much
  • Don't talk about personal problems/issues
  • Don't lay all your cards on the table
  • Don't air out all your dirty laundry
  • Don't talk about your dream man, past failed relationships or ask him how he feels about commitment
  • Keep the conversation light and for the love of God; don't ask how much money he makes

If you've spent a lot of time talking but he doesn't ask for your number don't ask for his. A man who is really interested in you won't leave without getting your phone number, email or having some way of contacting you in the future.

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Things You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • Positive Attitude

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