How to Attract an Older Girl

Rightly or wrongly, society has an unspoken code whereby men date women their age or younger. The prospect of dating an older girl, therefore, can become quite daunting, which is a shame because there really isn't any reason why you can't hit it off with a girl who's older than you. You'll find you can attract an older girl just as easily as you attract a younger one.

Gauge the difference in age between the two of you and factor that into your approach. A girl who's only one or two years older than you is still pretty much in your demographic and may be interested in the same things. A girl who's a decade older than you, however, may have different interests and experiences, which you'll need to factor in during your dealings with her.

Familiarize yourself with pop culture from the era when she grew up--movies, music, TV shows--and be ready to talk about them at length with her. It gives you both a common point of reference and who knows? You may find a cool song or a great movie that you never would have seen otherwise.

Be mature. Women tend to mature faster than men as a general rule, which means you have some catching up to do. An older woman isn't likely to be impressed by the time you went cow tipping with your buddies, or the "awesome" rock concert you saw last summer. Careers, ambitions and hopes for the future are much more fruitful topics of conversation, as are books and movies being watched by someone other than teenage boys.

Pay attention to the way you're dressed. Put on a nice shirt and pants when you go out with her and take a few minutes to address your personal appearance. It goes hand in hand with Step 3, signaling that you're more mature than other men your age.

Listen to her during conversations and let her take the lead if she seems willing. This applies to women of any age--they never like it when you talk only about yourself--but it's doubly true with women older than you. Defer to her added experience and don't feel like you have to dominate the conversation.

Relax. Confidence is always attractive and though she may be older, she's not going to bite you. If she's attracted to you, then it's for traits you both share, which have nothing whatsoever to do with age.

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  • Many of the basic tips which apply to attracting women of any age apply to older women. Treat her with courtesy and respect, try to find topics of mutual interest and look for that spark of chemistry which suggests you may have a bond.


  • Never, ever refer to a girl of any age as "older." Ever. She's apt to slap the taste out of your mouth on general principles.
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