How to Attract Older Women

How to Attract Older WomenHow to Attract Older Women

Maturity ushers in different priorities and expectations concerning dating and relationships. The key is not to change who you are but to recognize these differences when you communicate. Read on for tips on how to attract older women more often and avoid common dating blunders.

How to Attract Older Women

Avoid insincere flattery or pickup lines. These sound exponentially more ridiculous the older one gets and diminish both your apparent intelligence and sincerity. Women of all ages love compliments, but to attract older women your best bet is to be sincere and original.

Balance discussions about your work with her vocational accomplishments and interests. Women desire recognition for their achievements, as do men, and this need tends to increase with age.

Discuss hobbies and other passions to attract older women readily. Generally, compatible interest in leisure activities becomes more important as we mature. Life is no longer focused on child rearing or formal education, typically, and career advancement may be less of a concern. Often, there is more time and/or money to pursue recreational activities. Consequently, older women may seek a companion that makes a good activity partner.

Limit discussions about your kids or parenting initially unless she expresses interest. Demonstrating that you are a good and proud father may not attract older women as before, when starting or merging a family was a goal. Both women and men eventually hope to find identities beyond that of a parent, and some older women may be in the middle of that process.

Demonstrate your self-assured side in moderation. Stability and self-reliance are traits women appreciate, but they also appreciate some vulnerability. While many older women are not looking to be in a caretaker role again, they do like to be needed and appreciated. If you come across as an overconfident, hard-core bachelor, you are less likely to attract older women who have the wisdom to know they cannot change you nor wish to try.

Show your youthful and fun side. There is less of a need to show off your maturity or financial success, as a discerning woman will know soon enough and decide how much it matters. A sense of humor is always a positive asset. Feeling youthful and enjoying the most out of life attracts older women the most.

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  • Keep a positive attitude. Negativity becomes less attractive to older women who no longer feel the need to fix others' problems.
  • Attract older women steadily by giving them your undivided attention. There is less tolerance for having to work hard to gain someone's interest when it seems to be lacking.


  • If you have significant emotional, financial or relationship baggage, wait before you date. A healthy and happy relationship is more likely when both parties' lives are in relative order.

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