How to Attract Rich Men

The rules of attraction are as much of a complex mystery as they were before any of the millions of books and articles about it were written. While we can learn from one another's wisdom in a way that has never been done before, it is nothing that can be given a pill or potion for. Every individual will be attracted--or not attracted--to you for his own personal reason. However, you can take control of most situations. Here is how you can attract rich men.

Hang out in areas where rich men will mingle. That country club fee in the Beverly Hills equivalent in your state just may be worth it. Be sure to dress to impress, and keep a smile on your face. It's important to look like you belong so try to befriend others or even those that work there. Do this by treating all around you fairly and kindly.

Flirt with the men you meet there. Although it may not seem like one individual has money, he may just be the one you want. A man who does not flaunt his wealth is usually modest and charming. Those are actually the kind of rich men you want.

Consider getting a job at a fancy restaurant where all the rich men linger. It's easy to find those by looking at the cars parked outside, and evaluating the neighborhood where a bar or restaurant is placed. A bar where single ones flock to is even better. Some rich men are looking for a drop dead gorgeous damsel in distress to rescue, and it could be you. Always go to work looking your best.

Respect the intelligence of the men you speak with. Rich men are usually well-educated. They have intelligence and that's a very important factor.

Be frank. So do like money. Don't hide it. You should never condescend to him, or pretend that you are not as interested in money as you truly are. Phoniness can be spotted a mile away, but a frank sincerity is very endearing. Make sure money is not truly the most important thing to you.

Assert your independence and demand respect. Nothing repels a man--rich or poor--quite like sudden neediness and co-dependence on the relationship. Make sure he understands that you are not tied to him or his money and express in actions how you do have a life of your own. This will truly attract him.

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  • Keep an open mind when dating. Give each person at least three dates unless they do something truly unforgivable.


  • Never go after a man simply because he has money. You could end up with a rich but miserable life if you choose a real jerk.

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