How to Attract Women

The secret to attracting women is to be attractive yourself. This doesn't mean you have to look like a model. Women are often initially attracted to great-looking people, but what they really want--what everyone really wants--is someone who is great to be with. Follow these steps to learn how to be a person who is great instead of merely great-looking.

Get in shape. You don't have to have a perfect body, but lose the extra pounds and lift a few weights. You want to look like a person who cares about his health, spends a little time outdoors and isn't afraid to sweat.

Pay attention to grooming--but not too much. A good haircut is attractive but one that needs a lot of product is not. The fragrance of your bath soap is more appealing than expensive cologne. Clean fingernails that aren't bitten down to the quick are just as attractive as those that have been filed and buffed. A clean T-shirt is better than stained and threadbare designer clothing.

Watch your table manners. Nothing is less attractive to a woman trying to enjoy a meal than having to watch her date talk with a mouth full of food and then use a beverage to wash it down. Learn how to hold a fork and where to put your napkin.

Look at your environment. You don't have to drive an expensive car, but you do need one in good condition and clean inside and out. The same advice applies to your home.

Acquire some interests. If you can only talk about work or television, you will soon become a bore. Take up a sport, get a hobby, volunteer in the community and read a book. Learn where the museums and parks are. Movie theaters and dance clubs aren't the only places to spend a weekend.

Be selective about companions. As unfair as it may be, you will be judged by the people you are with. If you are part of a group that is harassing the waitress, shouting profanities, picking fights or just getting falling-down drunk, you don't stand much chance of attracting a woman.

Be a good conversationalist. This means shut up and listen (good advice, by the way, when talking to anyone). If you show you're interested in more than the size of a woman's breasts, she will reciprocate by being interested in more than the size of your paycheck.

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