How to Attract Women with Five Tips

Attract  Women with Five TipsAttract Women with Five Tips

As someone who studies human behavior, and also someone who has dated quite a number of women, I know something about the kinds of things that women are attracted to in men. I'm not talking about the things that keep a couple together or what women are looking for in a husband, those things are much more complex. I'm talking about the things that will get a woman's attention or make you stand out in a crowd and increase your chances of getting a woman to date you. I've put together 5 guaranteed tips for making yourself more attractive to women.

SMILE. I have dated and talked to a great number of women over just the past year and whenever I ask them what turns them on most about a guy the number one answer is usually A SMILE. It's the truth. Forget about the "intense look" or trying to look like "Mr. Tough Guy". A smile makes you approachable and friendly and it is an immediate signal to a woman that you are interested in her.

LOSE THE GUT. This doesn't mean that if you a large guy or even heavy that women won't find you attractive. But women don't like "big guts". In my conversations with women I have found that this is one of their biggest turn offs. So what to do? Sit ups alone are not gonna do it. You will end up with a "big gut" that's hard underneath. Getting rid of a gut also requires that you watch your diet. That means taking it easy on the carbs and fat. Eating sensibly along with a good ab workout will make that gut disappear in no time.

SMELL GOOD. After not wearing cologne for many years this is something I have recently started doing again. Women have a very keen sense of smell, much more so than men. Many women are turned on by the smell of a man. Sometimes just being clean is enough, but I have found that many women love the smell of a nice subtle cologne. The secret here is not going overboard. You don't need to break the bank but don't go looking in the dollar store either. Some names you might want to consider are Cool Water, Burberry, Armani Code, Diesel, and Drakkar Noir.

BE FUNNY. There is just no doubt about it, women like a man with a sense of humor. You don't have to be Jerry Seinfeld or carry a joke book around with you. Sometimes all it takes is just relaxing and not taking yourself too seriously. It's okay to be silly, goofy, clumsy, or even awkward. Learn to relax and go with the flow. Laugh at yourself, it's a sign that you are confident and secure with yourself.

WHITEN THEM TEETH. This is another one that I hear from women quite often. Women like a guy with clean bright teeth. Fortunately today you don't need to go to a dentist to get a whiter brighter smile, although that's not a bad place to start. There are many products at your local drug store that will do a nice job. Crest has a several products that are easy to apply, affordable, dentist recommended, and produce noticeable results in just weeks.

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