How to Attract Women at the Gym

Attracting women at the gym takes a little planning, humor and creativity.Attracting women at the gym takes a little planning, humor and creativity.

The gym is one of the best places to meet women. Exercising is a great common interest to share with the opposite sex. Getting a few sets in before striking up a conversation with a woman may also rev your confidence up a bit, especially if you know what you are doing and exude confidence doing it. Still, it takes a little planning, awareness and proper timing to attract women at a gym. If you have the right form, you can execute a great conversation starter.

How To Attract Women At The Gym

Step 1

Make sure you check a woman's finger for a wedding or engagement ring before making any efforts to get her attention. Make a note if she has any tan lines on her finger if she is not wearing a ring.

Step 2

Wear workout clothing that is in style and color-coordinated. Make sure your clothes are clean. Buy new gym shoes if your existing pair are ragged-looking. Ensure that you are properly groomed and always wear deodorant.

Step 3

Look fleetingly around the gym as you work out and see if there are any women who interest you. Notice how they are dressed, how they interact with other men and whether they seem to like attention. Look their way on occasion to see if they look back. Smile if you make eye contact with anyone and see if they return the smile.

Step 4

Determine how experienced the women you like are in working out. Offer to help one of them with a set or placing a weight plate on a bar. Make a witty comment about the gym, yourself or even something germane to the situation like "You are never going to get guns the size of these using such light weights." Notice her reaction. Continue your conversation if she smiles and jokes back.

Step 5

Continue to look for opportunities to talk to women at the water fountain, in between sets and when you are in close proximity, vying for the same dumbbells. Work out like you are serious about training. Be confident. Continue to make eye contact with the same women or others. Talk to them enough, so they notice you the next time you come in. Allow some of these women to initiate a conversation with you.

Step 6

Go to the gym at different times and on weekends to see when more women work out. Join spin and other aerobic classes in which women participate. Get to know women who flirt with you and forget the unfriendly ones.

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  • Try not to interrupt a woman when she's working out or when she has the earpiece to her iPod in. Notice a woman's workout habits and create more ways to get to know her.


  • Never stare at women in which you are interested. They will just think you are some pervert. Do not get upset if someone seems uninterested. Keep the odds in your favor by getting to know lots of women at the gym.
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