How to Attract Younger Men

Dating a younger man can help you feel more youthful.Dating a younger man can help you feel more youthful.

An ABC article entitled "Are More Older Women With Younger Men?" identified and discussed the trend of older women who date younger men. It quotes a 2003 study from the National Association of Retired Persons which states that approximately one-third of older women (aged 40 to 60) are with a younger man. If you are curious about how to attract a particular young man, you must first learn about his motivations, interests and goals.

Step 1

Understand his motivations. It's virtually impossible to lump all younger men into one category. They all have different feelings and ideas about dating. He could be looking for fun times, in a period of transition from boyhood irresponsibility to responsible young manhood, looking to start a family, or seeking a long-term companion.

Step 2

Pursue your interests and hobbies outside of your home. Go to meetings, classes and outings. You will increase your chances of finding and attracting a like-minded guy who has the same interests. For instance, if you are interested in salsa dancing, you may be able to meet a younger salsero at a dance class near you.

Step 3

Be yourself. Many younger men are attracted to older women because of their maturity and smarts. So do not attempt to mimic the antics of young, immature women. For instance, do not dress provocatively or attempt to dumb yourself down.

Step 4

Be confident and display that confidence in everything that you do. Younger men tend to be attracted to older women because they know what they want, are secure, and mentally stable.

Step 5

Take good care of yourself. When you maintain your appearance and health, you show others that you care about how you present yourself. A younger man will be more likely to want to date an older woman who takes pride in her appearance, eats right and looks younger than her actual age.

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  • Many younger men date older women so that they can learn and mature themselves. If you are dating a younger man who is still establishing himself, support his goals and provide solid, smart advice when requested. Be understanding of the challenges that younger men face. Do not brush off his concerns as silly or immature.


  • Avoid being possessive or insecure about what a younger man who you are dating is doing. If very young, he is going to want to still live his life and have fun with his friends. Remember how you were at that age before making unreasonable demands.
  • Some younger men date older women for selfish reasons. The desire for a "no strings attached" relationship, sexual fulfillment, or financial gain could be the main motivation for why a younger man shows interest. So identify your own personal needs before seeking a serious relationship with a guy who is much younger than you.

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