How to Battle Breakup Loneliness

Loneliness after a breakup can be difficult since being alone tends to make you focus on the loss of relationship. There are things you can do, however, to battle breakup loneliness. Here are some steps you can take.

Enjoy it

Enjoy the loneliness. Watch whatever you want on TV without someone changing the channel. Listen to your favorite music that the other person may have not liked. Spend some time re-connecting with yourself and regaining parts of yourself that you may have lost or neglected during the relationship.

Resume hobbies that you may have set aside during the relationship. Did your relationship make you cut back on weekly trips to paint pottery or perhaps mountain climbing? If so, then it is time to revisit your old hobby and have some fun.

Visit friends and family. Your friends and family can be great comfort after a breakup. In addition, if you have been spending all of your time with your ex, then they may miss you. Catch up with them and allow them to take care of you and keep you company.

Get a part time job. Make some extra money while you recover from your breakup. Get a seasonal job that will put you in a new environment and allow you to meet new people whom you might make friends with.

Pick up a new hobby. Now could be a good time to do something that you have always thought of doing. Take dance lessons. Start a blog. Volunteer with the homeless. Before you know it you will forget all about old what’s his (or her) name.

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  • Do not rush into a new relationship just to avoid loneliness.

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