How to Be Comfortable Naked

Get comfortable being naked on your own before baring it all for your partner.Get comfortable being naked on your own before baring it all for your partner.

If you’re less than comfortable in your birthday suit, you don’t have to resign yourself to hiding your skin beneath layers of clothing forever. Whether you’re a little hesitant to bare it all in front of your partner or you're downright uncomfortable seeing your own naked reflection in the mirror, take a real look at your attributes, focus on developing confidence and work toward embracing your nakedness slowly.

Reality Check

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to get comfortable with your body -- the moment it morphs into a size-2 supermodel’s figure, to be precise -- it’s time to change your mindset. The average adult American female is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 166 pounds, and the average male is 5 feet 9 inches tall and 195 pounds, according to the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recognize the difference between reality and the media -- the impossibly skinny or chiseled bodies on TV and in magazines that are surgically enhanced, airbrushed and photo-manipulated to within an inch of their likeness. If you’re judging your body against the latest cinema superstar, you're using an impractical and unhealthy comparison. Forget about those impossibly high standards and embrace your real, flawed and absolutely beautiful body.

Body Confidence

Whether you’re curvaceous, full-figured or quite thin, feeling comfortable in your own skin is key to being comfortable naked. If you can’t glance at the full package with admiration just yet, focus on the parts of your body you enjoy and appreciate the most; stop and deliberately admire them every time you pass by a mirror. Stop self “body-bashing” in its tracks; it only encourages you to focus on your flaws and wears down your self-esteem. Each time you begin to criticize yourself in your head, make a deliberate effort to stop -- a mantra of "no, no, no" works fine -- and focus on a positive body attribute instead.

One Step -- or Sock -- at a Time

If you aren't comfortable baring everything all at once, start slow. Begin by sleeping naked -- lights out is fine -- and enjoy the feel of the linens against your bare skin. Consciously choose to wear a little less when you're at home every day, or every few days; ditch the socks when you get home from work, wear a skirt without stockings underneath and then your camisole with no over-shirt. The transition from fully clothed to completely naked will feel less dramatic when you become accustomed to exposure over a longer period of time. Once you've bared it all, incorporate nakedness into your mundane, everyday activities at home, such as reading or watching television; the more time you spend in the nude, the more comfortable you'll become.

Naked and Not Alone

It’s one thing to master the mirror, but it can feel like another hurdle entirely to be nude and feel comfortable with a partner. You can use your surroundings to your advantage to help put yourself at ease and magnify your sex appeal; dim the lights and start off with a revealing outfit that makes you feel attractive. However, keep in mind that the feature your partner will likely find sexiest is your confidence; wear those love handles with pride and remember that your partner is the lucky one when you share your one-of-a-kind physique.

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