How to Be a More Romantic Woman to a Man

Man and WomanMan and Woman

Men can seem like they are hard to please, but the truth is, they like to feel romanced as much as a woman. There are many tips and tricks one can use to make their man feel as special and loved as they possibly can!

How to be more Romantic to your Man

Give him a massage. Simple, yet so effective! Men love massages, and can never get enough. Invest in some massage oils and creams, or even use what you already have in the house. Start from the bottoms of his feet and work your way up.

Touch him. Not just when you are feeling frisky, but all day long. Touch his arm, hold his hand, stroke his face, play with his hair, or even cop a feel. There's nothing more romantic to a man than the feeling of being loved.

Stock his favorite foods. That's right -- having all of your man's essentials in the fridge, whether its a favorite beer or a huge hunk of steak, will make your man feel loved and thought of.

Let him have a night out with the boys. Showing your guy that you trust him can be a very romantic gesture, even though you are essentially spending time apart. He will realize just how caring and sweet of a partner you really are.

Post your love on! Upload a personal video declaring how much you love your man. Post it for the world to see. If you'd rather, you can choose to make the video private and send him the link.

Send a card. A romantic note, card, or even e-card can really help make your significant others' day.

Listen to his problems. Many times, men need a sounding board to vent about their problems at work, or life in general. Let him know that you are there for him. Listen to his problems, sympathize, and offer gentle advice.

Dress sexy. Pull out some of that lingerie you used to wear, or shop for newer, exciting items. Surprise him one night with a candle-lit bath, soft music, and you. No matter what, this romantic strategy is sure to rekindle the spark!

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Things You Will Need

  • oils
  • favorite foods
  • Imagination!


  • Be there for your man when he needs you.
  • Remember what you fell in love with!
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