How to Be a Secret Admirer

If you want to anonymously express your interest in someone, you can be a secret admirer without being a stalker.

Use the delivery services of a florist or gift shop to present the person with flowers, gifts or messages - instead of lurking around the person's home or workplace, waiting for an appropriate moment to leave the item without being noticed.
Send anonymous messages through a secret admirer e-mail service, such as SecretAdmirer.
com or Lovingyou. com.
Make sure your messages and gifts are sweet, funny or light-hearted.
Don't send messages that have threatening tones or gifts that imply questionable motives.
Send messages and gifts that create curiosity and interest rather than apprehension or fear.
Avoid lurking around the person's home or workplace.
Refrain from following the person around town or home from work to avoid any misunderstandings about your intentions.

Things You Will Need

  • Greeting Cards
  • Flowers
  • Boxes Of Chocolates
  • Gift Certificates


  • Drop a few clues - such as using your own handwriting to sign a card - so the person can eventually figure out your identity.

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  • Avoid trailing after the person to eliminate any possibilities of creating fear or apprehension.