How to Become a Personal Dating Assistant

Data on dating statistics in America shows that approximately 44 percent of the U.S. population consists of singles; consequently, different online dating sites have arisen. Yet, because some singles lack the time or wherewithal to engage in social networking to find dates, personal dating assistants have arisen to facilitate the process. Becoming a personal dating assistant is not difficult but does require some preparation.

Step 1

Enroll in a psychology class to equip yourself with knowledge on human behavior, especially when it comes to understanding the human mind and emotions. This will provide a better perspective on how to relate to different individuals and all the resulting compatibility issues affecting dating and the potential for successful relationships.

Step 2

Take a class on effective communication skills or attend talks and seminars centering upon improving communication skills. Ensure you participate in group discussions to evaluate the quality of your communication skills. As a dating assistant, you will converse with many people; thus, it is important to learn how to carry on an engaging conversation.

Step 3

Take computer lessons in an IT center or another institution. Train on the operations which will assist you in creating attractive personal online profiles for your customers. Knowledge on proper Internet use is vital, if you are to become a successful online personal dating assistant.

Step 4

Offer freelance services to an established dating service to provide yourself with on-the-job training. Conduct an online search on the dating services in your locality and visit them to enlist your services. Seek advice and useful techniques. To gain more experience, ask friends or family to allow you to make their profiles and organize dates, then evaluate your success rate.

Step 5

Establish your own service as a personal dating assistant or seek employment with dating services. After gaining some experience, you will have more insight into which direction is best.

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