How to Bounce Back After a Breakup

Coping with a break-up is never easy.Coping with a break-up is never easy.

A relationship break-up is something that most people go through at some point during their lives. At the time, it can feel as if your entire world is over and you will simply never get over it. The human heart, however, is an incredible thing, and it will mend given time. It is important to give yourself time to get over your ex, rather than brush your feelings under the carpet.

Give yourself time to grieve over the loss of your relationship.

Step 1

Grieve. Allow yourself some time to come to terms with what's happened. A relationship break-up can feel almost as terrible as if your partner has died, so grieve in the same way. Cry, mope and really let your feelings out. If you do not address the need to grieve and keep your feelings bottled up, you may prevent yourself from moving on.

Sever all communication, at least for a while.

Step 2

Dispose of items that belong to your ex and sever any communication. Seeing your ex partner's items all over the house won't help you to move on. Whether it's a toothbrush, a picture or clothes, pack up these items and ask a friend or family member to return the items to your ex. Sever all communication for the same reason. You may be able to stay friends, but give it some time first.

Talk to friends and family. Share your feelings.

Step 3

Share your feelings. Don't lock yourself up in the house. Although the need to grieve alone is important, you cannot do it forever. Talk to family members or friends about the way you feel. Most people have been in this situation and understand how you are feeling. You may even find you feel better for having talked about your feelings.

Focus on your good qualities and write them down.

Step 4

List your good qualities. After a break-up, it can be easy to think it is your fault and begin a self-destructive, negative thought process. Write down all your good qualities, from your skills and talents to your looks and personality. This may be hard when you are so upset because you may be inclined to feel you have no good qualities. Ask a friend or family member to help you write the list. Pin it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis to remind yourself that you are a good person.

Go out with your friends, stay busy and have fun.

Step 5

Do things you enjoy, and keep yourself busy. Too much time spent dwelling on what happened will prevent you from moving on with your life. Meet friends for lunch, or arrange a movie night. Get dressed up to go out on the town. Join a club. Take a walk for some window-shopping. Whatever you enjoy doing, ensure you spend some time doing it.

Give it time and remember this feeling will pass.

Step 6

Be patient. It takes time to get over a broken heart, and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. However, a positive attitude can help to ease the pain. You may feel like you will never get over it, like you will never be the same again, but the feeling will pass.

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