How to Know a Boy Doesn't Have a Crush on You Anymore

Find out if a boy still has a crush on you.Find out if a boy still has a crush on you.

Knowing whether or not a boy has a crush on you is a complicated business. Some boys make their feelings obvious by paying compliments and making a girl the center of attention, while a boy with a less mature attitude may treat a girl badly when he has a crush on her so that his friends don't suspect how much he likes her. If you observe the boy's behavior carefully, though, and pay attention to what you hear from other people, it is possible to find out whether he still has a crush on you or not.

Watch his behavior when he's around you and analyze whether it is different to how he behaved before. If he suddenly seems less keen to chat to you or spend time with you, there is a chance he may no longer have a crush on you. If you have a crush on him, try inviting him to eat lunch or go to the mall with you and see how he reacts.

Ask your friends whether they think he still has a crush on you. As they are one step removed from the situation, they can give you valuable independent advice based on what they have seen and heard. If you have confidence in her, ask one of your friends to chat with the boy and ask discreet questions about his feelings for you.

Speak to his friends. The same way your friends know what you are going through, his friends will know whether he is still interested in you or whether he has transferred his crush to someone else. How well you know them will determine how honest they are prepared to be with you.

Approach the boy himself and ask him what his feelings are, if all else fails. He may be surprised, but honesty is often the best policy and this is an effective way to find out how he really feels about you. If he tells you he still has a crush on you, you can discuss what you both want to do next. If he says that he doesn't have a crush on you anymore, you may be disappointed but you won't waste any more time worrying about it.

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  • Remember when talking to his friends that anything you say to them will get back to him. Don't say anything that you would be embarrassed for him to hear.

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