How to Get a Boy Who Hates You to Fall in Love With You

Get a Boy Who Hates You to Fall in Love With YouGet a Boy Who Hates You to Fall in Love With You

Novels, movies, and the TV are full of romances starting with one person in love and another who's not interested. Changing a person's mind about you takes work. The way to make the turnaround is not by changing yourself. It's by being your best self. Let your body language, dress, and behavior say that you value yourself. Guys are intrigued by a confident girl. Once you have his attention, you're halfway there. But remember--you're the one you have to love first. If it's clear that he'll never see you in another light, drop the game and move on.

Developing your own interests makes you a stronger and more interesting person.

Pursue the things that interest you and make you feel like whole person. People who command attention are those with a firm idea of who they are and where they stand in the world. You get that confidence when you possess and develop skills.

Evaluate your appearance honestly. Check your haircut and clothes--do they look good on you and make you feel confident? Experiment with new makeup and a new perfume or cologne. And never neglect personal hygiene. A fresh, cared-for look sends out a positive message: you value yourself and others should too.

Get a part-time job or babysit regularly to earn spending money.

Babysit or find other suitable work to earn some spending money. Earning your own money is a powerful confidence-builder, and will give you some cash to spend on clothes or a haircut that you feel good in. Whether or not your crush picks up on your new strength, it's a good thing to feel.

Pay him the compliment of taking him seriously. In conversation, really listen to what he says. Respond with your own thoughts or ask a few relevant questions. If the relationship is going to take off, both of you should feel interested and comfortable talking together.

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  • Be pleasant. It makes you look bad to gossip about or make fun of other people.
  • Watch his body language when you interact. If his feet are pointing towards you, he's becoming or is already interested in you. If his whole body is tensed to go or if he gives other girls the eye while you're talking to him, it's not just rude, he would really rather be somewhere else. If that's the case, let him go on his way graciously.


  • Never force yourself on a guy, stalk him, annoy him to get attention or appear needy or clingy.
  • Keep a certain reserve--coming on as too aggressive or too sexy is a big turn-off.
  • Ask yourself if he's worth the effort to make him like you. If nothing you do works, put your energy into a better relationship with someone else.

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