How to Break Free From an Obsessive Relationship

Although leaving an obsessive relationship can be difficult, it is possible. When you have reached your limits with the relationship, it is time to break free from it in a swift calculated manner. Staying in an obsessive relationship is bad for your self esteem and may end up costing you your life.

Know that breaking free is possible. Your partner will try to make you believe that you will never be able to function or even live without him. This is not the case and represents a classic argument made by an obsessive partner. Understand that you are not alone and people have been able to break free in the past.

Decide you really want to leave. The decision to leave will not be easy but, is necessary before freeing yourself is possible. No one else is able to make the decision for you. Reach a firm decision to leave and stick with your feelings.

Build your self confidence. Although you may feel helpless, you must remember that you are a person with value. Take pride in the things you do well and seek out opportunities for self improvement. For example, take out your poetry notebook to read some of your best work. Ask a friend or family member to help remind you of your good qualities in case you need a second opinion.

Tell someone you trust and ask for their help. Choose a close friend to explain your situation and intentions. Let him know that you are serious and would like help in breaking free from your obsessive relationship. Avoid confiding in people who may break your confidentiality.

Plan your escape. Contact friends or a close family member to ask if you could stay with them. Be sure to explain the situation including any threats being made by your obsessive partner. Consider filing for a restraining order if the situation warrants it. Cease all contact and communication with your partner.

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  • There are support groups and shelters dedicated to helping people break free from obsessive relationships.
  • It may not be wise to let your obsessive partner know you are planning to leave. Assess the situation and take the proper precautions.


  • Avoid sending your obsessive partner mixed signals. Don't let guilt lead you back into an unhealthy relationship.

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