How to Breakup With Your Clingy, Unstable Girlfriend (for Men)

Leave your unhealthy relationshipLeave your unhealthy relationship

For men, being stuck in a unhealthy relationship can be a terribly stressful experience. This article will help men leave these relationships and get on with their life.

Decide that you want to leave. Realize whether this relationship is truly working for you, or if you're just staying because you know she will flip out if you try to leave.

Try to create some space so that you have a little time to yourself. With clingy girlfriends, it can be impossible to get a moment to collect yourself. You need to tell her that you need some space, or make-up an excuse to go somewhere to stay for a day or two.

When you come back from your time away, tell her that you've made up your mind that you need to leave this relationship. You don't want to be in a relationship with her right now, and it's a decision in which you have 100% certainty. If you anticipate that she will blow up and become hysterical, you may need to do this over the phone or in writing, letting her know that you can't handle her overly-emotional reactions, and you fear that you'd have too much sympathy for her and take her back. Tell her that you know that she wouldn't truly want you to stay purely out of sympathy for her.

If you fear she could harm herself, you should involve a third party. Take her to a counselor, or if she won't go, go to a counselor yourself. If you are a student, there should be free counseling resources. You may need to involve a family member of hers if you think there is the possibility that she could harm herself.

Quickly arrange for you to be permanently apart. Move your things as quickly as possible. Do not discuss your decision with her any longer. It's possible that you two can be friends in the future, but not for a long time (and it isn't recommended, considering the intensity of the relationship).

Congratulations: You just got through hell! Go out and enjoy the single life, and consider the reasons why you got caught up in such an unhealthy relationship.

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Things You Will Need

  • Self-esteem
  • Compassion for your girlfriend and for yourself
  • Resolve to carry through with the break-up


  • Though threats of suicide are often a form of emotional blackmail, you must take them seriously! However, you cannot let her hold you hostage by threatening self-harm
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