About Breakups

About BreakupsAbout Breakups

Breakups can cause extreme heartache, depression, sadness and sometimes relief. It is the end of a relationship, but also a new beginning. It marks the opportunity to find the right person for you.

Each breakup is different and full of its own complications and the reasons for it can range from cheating to abuse to a loss of interest.


Breakups tend to occur as a result of miscommunication in a relationship. When two people are involved in a romantic relationship, it is absolutely key to communicate and be honest about their needs within the relationship. When people aren't honest about their feelings, problems can occur. One or both can stray, or they can harbor feelings of resentment towards one another. In order to prevent these issues, talk to each other often and when a problem arises, address it as soon as possible. Try not to address problems in a confrontational way, but rather have a conversation about them.

Trust is also a key in maintaining a good relationship. When people don't trust each other, that can become insecure within the relationship. This can lead to infidelity or other issues. Trust can prevent a breakup.


Breakups can have a significant effect on one or both people who were in the relationship. They may feel sad, depressed, and have the stereotypical "can't eat, can't sleep" feeling. After a breakup, it is important to remember that you can get through it. Call on family and your close friends for support and let them help you get over the breakup, heal and get stronger. It's important not to isolate yourself completely during this time, and to surround yourself with people who care about you.

A breakup always is a new beginning, no matter how much it hurts. You do lose someone that you care about, but it may not be for good, and if it is, you will survive and move on. Breakups tend to make people stronger. It is a time to reflect (not dwell) on what went wrong in the relationship and remember those things as you go into another relationship with someone.

When someone is broken up with, that person tends to blame himself for everything that went wrong in the relationship. One of the most important things to do when you're dealing with a breakup is to not blame yourself and to remember that there were reasons for both of you that the relationship did not work.


When someone breaks up with you, it may feel like the end of the world and there are several misconceptions during that initial breakup period. You may feel like your life will not be the same without that person, that you will be miserable, you'll never move on, you'll never find anybody else like that person, that person was your soul mate, you're going to crumble when you see that person with someone else.

Here's the bottom line. Breaking up is no fun, but it is not the end of the world. Your life will be better without that person, because that person couldn't see how valuable you were. The miserable stage will pass. You will move on and find somebody new that you love, and if you do see your ex-beau out with someone, it may hurt but you will get over it and you'll be OK.


Contrary to popular belief, the romantic relationship is not the only type of relationship that can suffer a breakup. There can be familial breakups and friendship breakups. Romantic relationships tend to be the toughest breakups because they tend to be more difficult to heal. Familial relationship breakups are mother-daughter breakups or even brother-sister breakups.

These are breakups within a family that usually have deep rooted issues, and are not the typical brothersister spat. For example, a mother who neglects her child, and her child grows up and disowns her as a result of the neglect.

Friendship breakups tend to be over trivial things, like something that was said that one friend thought was inappropriate. But other times, they can be severe, such as a friend sleeping with the other friend's boyfriend. In cases like that, friendship breakups can be permanent.


There are benefits to a breakup. Sometimes they can be an eye opener and as people step out with a new chance to find that right person for them, they may take better care of themselves. This can be a great opportunity to improve self-image, better your health and experience new things.

This can be a time to hit the gym more often, or take that dance class you've been thinking about. Instead of dwelling on that past relationship, consider this an opportunity to get out there and see the world. Get the girls together and take a much needed vacation away from all of you and your ex's past haunts.

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