How to Bring Back Trust in a Relationship

Rebuild trust in your relationship by enjoying the little things, such as meals, together regularly.Rebuild trust in your relationship by enjoying the little things, such as meals, together regularly.

Broken trust is a pretty serious relationship offense, but with dedication, it can be rebuilt. The individual who broke the trust must be patient with her partner, as it may take him awhile to interact with her in the same manner. Likewise, if the relationship will ever work, he has to be prepared to make some sacrifices of his own. Broken trust is rarely 100 percent the fault of one party. If you are part of a similar equation, evaluate what you might have done wrong in the situation, then try to focus on ways to remedy your behavior.

Once trust has been broken, make a pact to be completely honest with each other from that point forward. Don't feel like you need to hide phone calls or text messages. If you feel the need to hide these, than you are obviously doing something you know your partner wouldn't approve of. Don't hide important information about your day or lifestyle from your partner. However, don't feel like that you need to "check in" with your partner every few hours either, as that is another unhealthy relationship sign.

Communicate with your partner. Don't hold back your feelings when something really bothers you, as this only creates larger problems later. A healthy relationship is dependent on your ability to reveal likes and dislikes as well as actions that please or offend you. On the other end of that spectrum, pick your battles. Don't create a fight out of every small problem, or you will find yourself overloaded with stress. No one will be able to please you all of the time -- and once you realize this, you will be much happier.

Be ready to forgive. Once you have made your case and agreed to be with your partner, drop the issue. Though trust must be earned, don't hold the mistake over her head. Instead, focus on creating a clean slate. Try to see your partner from a new angle. Realize that though she has made a mistake, she still wants to be with you and to re-earn your trust, which is a good sign. Forgiveness must come from both parties. Not only should you forgive your partner for breaking your trust, but allow her to forgive herself as well.

Don't withhold freedom. Every person needs time to himself. Some people need more of it than others. Those who are more social may also covet more time with friends and family. If this is what makes your partner happy, allow it. By taking away freedom, you aren't allowing your partner to live the happiest life possible, which is detrimental to your relationship in the long run. No one wants a partner who tells them how to live. Allow your partner to live life without you from time to time, so that he can see how great life is with you.

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