How to Bring a Casual Date to a Wedding

If you're interested in a relationship, spend a little time alone on this romantic day.If you're interested in a relationship, spend a little time alone on this romantic day.

If a wedding is approaching and you are without a significant other, bringing a casual date could be good company. If your dating history with this person spans only a few weeks, proceed with caution: you must avoid mixed signals, be courteous to the bride and groom and be mindful of your date’s enjoyment during the wedding. Though casual dates may carry extra responsibilities that a friend or boyfriend does not include, weddings can provide a great opportunity to get to know this new person in your life.

Step 1

Notify the bride and groom in the RSVP. Ask the bride or groom beforehand if you can bring this acquaintance. indicates that single friends bringing guests can create complications, including added costs. An extra person means the hosts must alert caterers of an extra head they may not have anticipated. The seating chart must be modified as well.

Step 2

Be honest about expectations with your date. Use the word “fun” as often as possible when extending the invitation if you have no expectations of a serious relationship. For example, say “I think bringing you along would be fun. No big deal if you can’t make it, though. I just thought you would have more fun than (insert the name of a friend who is of the opposite sex here).”

If you are considering a serious relationship with this person and would like the wedding to be a “next step” event, then word it as such. Explain you would like this person to meet some of your friends and feel more included in other aspects of your life.

Step 3

Do not flirt with others at the wedding. Focus your attention on the guest you bring. Your expectations of the future of the relationship may be very different than your date’s perspective. Do not offend your date by using the person to avoid loneliness while using the wedding as an opportunity to seek a more compatible mate. Use the wedding as an opportunity to get to know more about your date. Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and romance of the wedding to engage in flirtatious conversation.

Step 4

Make your wedding date feel included. Introduce your date to your friends and clue the person in on any inside jokes. Put yourself in your company’s shoes: she does not know anyone but you and therefore will rely on you for entertainment and acceptance in your group. recommends taking responsibility for your date by ensuring she is comfortable. Scan the venue for quiet areas where you two can talk if she’s shy. Unless prearranged, do not isolate your date by drinking too much and leaving her with the responsibility of taking you home.

Step 5

Ensure your date has good manners. If you have any concerns about your date’s ability to converse politely with others or limit his drinking at the wedding reception, do not bring him.

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