How to Build Trust in a New Relationship

Many people may carry emotional baggage from past relationships that ended on a sour note, making one very cautious or even doubting the new person they are with. Learn how to regain your trust back so you can love again.

Lack of trust in so many cases is often caused from infidelity, lying or abuse by an ex. In these cases, it causes a person to feel to not give their all in a relationship. Try to realize that the new person in your life is likely totally different from your last partner and give the person a chance to show their love for you.

Take your time. The last thing anyone needs to do is quickly put their confidence into someone they are just beginning to know. There is no need to rush love and it is best to start off as friends to see if the person is a real keeper or not.

Don't accuse your partner of things they haven't done. Bad relationships tend to leave a scar that is slowly healed and unfortunately does not go away very fast. If your new man or woman is talking friendly with the opposite sex or staying out late and they forgot to call, don't jump to conclusions and assume they are out cheating. No one wants an insecure or jealous person, as it is a turnoff to most people. Keep reminding yourself that you can have faith in the person you love and to not let your thoughts become a reality.

Let the person know you what will or will not allow. Taking a stand in a relationship does means respect, but not in a demanding or pushy way. Let your new love know what you want in a relationship, the things you will tolerate and what could send them packing. You will know your answer about them by the way they treat you.

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  • If you find it really hard to trust anyone due to a unpleasant experience by an ex, take the time to focus on yourself. The stronger and happier you feel down the road, the more confidence you will have to start new and trust a new love.
  • Let your partner earn your trust and carry the attitude that it is not easily given away.

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